Mike Liston, Founder of DrumBus®, LLC

Kids need more opportunities to move and play during the day! It’s a no-brainer. Despite this fact, opportunities are limited in schools with budget cuts to music, physical education, art…even recesses are cut short for increased testing. 

To provide one solution for this challenge, Mike Liston created the first DrumBus® to bring high-energy, group-rhythm events to schools.

Why Drumming? It is good for the body and the brain.

Drumming improves confidence, coordination, creativity and focus. And it helps build community & enhance collaboration while improving listening skills. 

Why the DrumBus®? It’s affordable and convenient, and maintains the spirit of the drum: easy and mobile. We bring everything including the classroom, instruments, and The Drum Master (patent pending). Having a separate, neutral space helps all students feel safe to participate and experiment, regardless of age, ability or “status” within the school, company, or party.

How else would you get dozens of drums around?

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Nels Anderson, Owner DrumBus® Utah

The first thing you should know about Nels Anderson is that he loves his job, even on the days he’s tired. He noticed long ago how easily people bond and have fun together after a drumming session. Nels says, “I love to see the walls of inhibition come crumbling down. Not only do I love to see it in others, but in myself. It brings out abilities in me I never thought possible.”

Nels has been teaching people how to have fun drumming since 2009 with Rhythms of Life. Personally, he averages 20+ drumming events every week, engaging over 5,000 people every month of all skill levels.

Nels believes in the power of drumming, and sees it play out in the groups he works with every day. “As soon as the drumming begins, and after, I feel so grateful for the experience.”

Seeing the smiles on people’s faces, and children learning to love music makes everything worth it.

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