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Drum Circle Facilitator Trainings

We teach you to do what we do in order for you to implement your own sustainable, in-school program.

Rhythms of Life (DrumBus®) provides hands-on group-rhythms activities for elementary and middle schools with goals of increasing students’ personal wellness, reducing social friction in school communities, improving communication skills, and providing opportunities for artistic expression, personal creativity, empathy, awareness of others, and the development of leadership skills.

Our program draws from nearly two decades of experience facilitating group-rhythm events, including three years in Oxnard using the evidenced-based “Beat the Odds” curriculum from UCLArts and Healing Institute.

Beat the Odds® integrates activities from group drumming and group counseling to build core social-emotional strengths. This includes maintaining focus and attentive listening, team building, positive risk taking, self-esteem, awareness of others, leadership, expressing feelings, managing anger/stress, empathy, and gratitude.

Because music is a universal language, group-drumming is well suited for many of our current social, emotional, behavioral, and cultural challenges. Students can participate, contribute, and even demonstrate leadership, regardless of language or level of previous musical experience.

Program Overview

Since 2010 we have taught after-school staff to implement their own programs throughout California, and many other states.

Facilitators: Mike Liston, founder of Rhythms of Life/DrumBus has 15 years’ experience facilitating rhythm-events with thousands of students and staff in many states.

Training: Virtual, in person or both. Each training session is 2.5 hours. You’ll learn basic facilitation techniques, drumming techniques, games, songs, rhythms all with an underlying social-emotional theme. Training also includes written curriculum, lesson plans, and videos.

This training will allow you to offer a full immersion, hands-on, musical experience, providing opportunities for individual and group success among students. It is an ideal program to help address the need for social-emotional programs.

 801.243.6430 or email and let’s explore opportunities for your students!


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