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How We Help Children With Music

By February 4, 2020February 22nd, 2020No Comments

At DrumBus™ we seek to promote health, wellness, and bonding through group drum sessions. Since children are being deprived of their schools with budget cuts to music, art, and physical exercise, we seek to help them with all three. Music, drumming specifically, can do so much to benefit kids in this stage of life where they are growing the most. We want to be able to promote creativity and group bonding with our drum project.

Benefits of Music 


Music and its benefits to people are well documented and studied. Music therapy has been used to help people all over the world for decades now and is still continued to be used. Part of our mission at Drumbus is to shares some of these benefits with you. Some of the things we hope you experience include the following. 


  1. The mood is shown to be greatly improved with the listening of music. Music is found to help calm people, regulate mood and overall help people to relax.
  2. Stress management is another benefit that music provides to people. Studies have shown that the rhythmic beat of the music can help people destress after work.
  3. People who have listened to music have shown improvement in managing the symptoms of their anxiety.
  4. The boost people get with their mental and physical stimulation with music helps with exercise performance. Having a rhythm to work out with can help with one’s pace while working out.
  5. The repetitive elements and melody of music have been shown to enhance people’s memory and cognitive abilities.
  6. Patients recovering after surgery have reported suffering from less pain versus those who didn’t listen to pain.
  7. In addition to easing pain, music has been shown to have a cathartic effect on those who may be experiencing emotional pain such as loss, feelings of loneliness. Music helps people who may be feeling these feelings express them in a healthy way.
  8. Studies have shown that when patients suffering from Alzheimer’s are better able to recall memories when music is added to their routine.
  9. Music exposure has helped children on the autism spectrum better communicate, keep their attention and overall social response.


Benefits of Playing Music

At Drum Bus, we care about showing how fun and beneficial it is for people to play music through group drumming. We again hope that we can show you some of the following benefits through group drumming


  • Improved memory: Playing music requires a lot of memory management skills. This can allow for a player’s ability to recall memory to be increased with practice and time which can lead to better performance in school.
  • Playing music, especially drumming, can improve a person’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • To play music, you have to know how to listen. Playing music can help you listen to others and listen to yourself, especially as you play and work with others. 
  • Math skills are improved as well, especially with an instrument like drumming where a person is constantly counting in order to keep beat.
  • Reading and comprehension skills are shown to be improved.
  • One learns perseverance and discipline through the constant practice a person must do to play and master an instrument. 
  • Playing music can boost one’s strength and stamina. Playing drums can burn as many calories as running or biking.  
  • Playing music provides an outlet for stress.
  • Most importantly, music can provide a person with a creative outlet. Music is about expressing yourself. Self-expression is very important to a child’s growth and playing music is a great way to let them be creative and imaginative. 


Why you should Consider DrumBus™

At Drumbus, we provide a mobile platform for you to have you host us at office parties, school field trips, family reunions, and other music events. We promote community building and health and wellness at every event we participate in. Our drum sessions are always done as a group and could benefit your classroom or workspace with our bonding activities. The health benefits are many and should be considered. 


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